150-Year-Old-Drug May Reduce 'Off Time' In Parkinsons Patients

150-Year-Old-Drug May Reduce ‘Off Time’ In Parkinsons Patients

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An old standby drug seems to help patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease through the difficult times when their usual medication stops working
As the movement disorder progresses, the effectiveness of the usual drug, levodopa, wears off more quickly after each dose.
That can lead to so-called “off” times, which can result in stiffness and leave them immobilized until the levodopa kicks in again.
But researchers say during these off times, the injectable drug apomorphine can shorten the period before levodopa takes over.
The results were not as robust as deep brain stimulation or the Duopa pump.
However, doctors say it will add an important option to the treatment arsenal.


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