ABC, CBS Touting Ossoff's Non-Win, 'First Scare At Ballot Box' For GOP

ABC, CBS Touting Ossoff’s Non-Win, ‘First Scare At Ballot Box’ For GOP

After spending the morning playing up the non-win of Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, ABC and CBS continued to play their game of spin-the-story Wednesday evening. “The President put all of his support behind Republicans in yesterday’s congressional special election in Georgia, but it turned out that Democrat Jon Ossoff was the top vote-getter,” Anchor Scott Pelley announced on CBS Evening News, “Still, he fell just 2 points short of the 50% needed to avoid a run-off.”

But what Pelley failed to mention was that despite how much Ossoff was “the top vote getter,” the Republican vote was dangerously split between 11 different candidates. Things will be different in a few months after the Republican vote solidifies behind Karen Handel. That’s not to mention that there will be a different level of voter turnout for the runoff. On ABC World News Tonight, Anchor David Muir was still enamored with Ossoff’s performance in the race. “Millions of dollars poured into that state by supporters of the Democrat Jon Ossoff, got 48% of the vote overnight,” he stated as he seemed to lament the fact that there would have to be a runoff election in June. …

NewsBusters: ABC, CBS Touting Ossoff’s Non-Win, ‘First Scare at Ballot Box’ for GOP

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