All But 3 NFL Players Showed Respect to the Troops on Veterans Day Weekend

All But 3 NFL Players Showed Respect to the Troops on Veterans Day Weekend


All But 3 NFL Players Showed Respect to the Troops on Veterans Day Weekend

Three NFL players knelt during the national anthem on Sunday, despite a specific request from the players association for all players to honor veterans during Veterans Day weekend.

The Associated Press reported that Eric Reid and Marquise Goodwin from the San Francisco 49ers and Olivier Vernon from the New York Giants took a knee before the game at Levi Stadium.

The National Football League Players Association passed a resolution Wednesday requesting that players honor the Veterans Day Moment of Silence Act during Sunday’s games, Reuters reported.

The act, signed by former President Barack Obama in 2016, calls for all Americans to observe a two-minute moment of silence on Veterans Day.

Apparently, Reid, Goodwin and Vernon didn’t care about the request and instead continued to sully the reputation of the league with their disgraceful demonstration, even during Veterans Day weekend.

Reid, at least, seems to be confused abut the matter.
In an interview with NBC Sports in October, Reid said, “This is not about the military. This is not about the flag. This is not about the anthem … I have the upmost respect for the military, the anthem and the flag.”

It certainly doesn’t look like he has any respect for any of those things.

Refusing to stand for the national anthem during Veterans Day weekend, and pretending it’s not “about the military” is a ridiculous excuse.

Reid was one of the first players to join Colin Kaepernick in kneeling last year — kneeling that has done nothing but create unnecessary strife, disrespect and division.

While only three players kneeling during the anthem is a vast improvement since the beginning of the season, it is still disgraceful that these players couldn’t even take a moment to honor veterans.

Many Americans who had not already stopped watching NFL games planned to boycott the NFL on Veterans Day out of respect for veterans.

This latest stunt undoubtedly angered fans even more, which is more bad news for the NFL.

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