Anti-Trump Protesters In Philadelphia Call For Abolition Of Police; ‘At Least One Punched A Cop’ – The Liberty Eagle

Anti-Trump Protesters In Philadelphia Call For Abolition Of Police; ‘At Least One Punched A Cop’

It’s a good bet that most of the protesters who continue to march against the election of Donald Trump don’t have an end game in mind; Hillary Clinton isn’t going to be president regardless, and many seem to be treating the occasion as a dumping ground for every grievance ever. Just take a look at the mess of signs carried by those high schoolers who camped out at the Lincoln Memorial Tuesday. Protesters who marched in traffic in Philadelphia Wednesday night were supposedly anti-Trump, but they didn’t have a lot of love for the police, either. Anti-Trump protest starts, calling for abolition of police, citing roots to racism. So far, police outnumber protesters about 150-to-1. Now calling Mummers racists. “They will mock anyone who isn’t them & most of them live in South Philadelphia,” noting many cops live there.

Protesters now marching up 7th, shutting streets down. “Back up, back up, we want our freedom, freedom.” Protest is only about 200 or so people, but unusual in that they’re matching through active traffic. Likely caught police off guard. Marchers: “Got got these racist-ass cops, we don’t need ’em, need ‘me.” Marchers: “Who do you serve? Not us! Who do you protect? Not us!” Those pallid progressives toting the professionally printed banners are probably well aware they were provided by Philly REAL Justice; e.g., these guys: – Workers World Party: Erica Mines, @REALjusticePHL: We need white race traitors, not white “allies.” Destroy what your white ancestors started. — Erica Mines from @REALjusticePHL: No president of this country has ever been a president of mine.

Marchers: “No justice, no peace! Take to the streets, and fuck the police.” Wasn’t this an anti-Trump rally? Here we go … somebody remembered. – Now heading toward City Hall on Broad. Crowd: “No KKK, no fascist USA, no Trump.” — Things getting testy as police block protester access to Walnut St. by Rittenhouse Sq. This guy, yelling behind police, heckles protesters. Asked, “Did you even vote?” Was eventually walked away by cops. — Police brutality protest happening now at Rittenhouse Square. Protesters yell “Make a circle around the cops.” Crowd thinning. But police now say: Four protesters arrested. At least one punched a cop. So not all issued just summons. Pity the poor sucker who’s been doing this for free all week: Craigslist ad: — Spontaneous protest huh? Soros is funding. Try again.

Twitchy: Anti-Trump protesters in Philadelphia call for abolition of police; ‘At least one punched a cop’

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