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Bartiromo: Trump Withdrawing From TPP To Put America First

Donald Trump:
“I am going to issue our notification of intent to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership. A potential disaster for our country. Instead, we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto American shores. On energy, I will cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy.”

Maria Bartiromo:
“Look the TPP is basically in a nutshell a deal which involves 12 countries that will trade goods and services with little or no tariffs. So taxes on goods coming into the country and goods going out. Sort of like creating a free trade bloc the way that the European union has it, where we can trade back and forth with these 12 — with these 11 countries and not face any taxes or tariffs on that. The problem is, is that this deal was done obviously with President Obama and these other 11 countries and the critics say this is going to impact jobs and goods from American companies.

And that’s what Donald Trump is trying to get in front of. He is basically saying look, this deal is not going to be advantageous for our goods, because there are certain goods that perhaps should be seeing a tariff. We don’t necessarily want Japanese cars competing with GM and Ford at lower prices. We don’t necessarily want, you know, Singaporian agriculture competing with our farms here in America. This is the case that he’s making and that’s what he’s pulling out. He wants America first and he doesn’t think this trade deal puts America first.

Even the unions are against this TPP deal because they say look, this is going to create cheap labor coming into America. And it’s going to replace American workers who are paid a certain amount that the unions have negotiated those deals. So it all has to do with putting America first and ensuring that jobs and goods and services are produced in America.”

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