Bernie Sanders Said GOP's Healthcare Bill Is The Worst Legislation To Pass During His Time In Office
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Bernie Sanders Said GOP’s Healthcare Bill Is The Worst Legislation To Pass During His Time In Office

Yes, Sen. Bernie Sanders was awake when ObamaCare passed the U.S. Senate in December of 2009. But apparently he has not opened his eyes to the failure it has become in 2017. Sunday morning on CNN, he said the GOP health care bill is the worst piece of legislation to pass in his lifetime. — Bernie Sanders says the GOP health care bill is “the worst piece of legislation” to pass during his time in office. — Keep in mind that it has only passed the House of Representatives and is not impacting the lives of average Americans, as ObamaCare is harmfully doing. — Except ObamaCare that’s completely collapsed, and that you had to pass to see what was in it… Obviously he didn’t read the ObamaCare legislation that is currently imploding. Do Socialists read? Pelosi didn’t before she passed it. — What about ObamaCare Bernie… where were you when that passed? Bernie is only objecting to the healthcare legislation because it doesn’t fit his single payer socialist agenda.

Bernie also said during that interview that “virtually all” of his supporters understand that violence is “not acceptable” in response to a question about the Alexandria, Va. shooter being a supporter and volunteer in his presidential campaign. — Bernie Sanders on Alexandria shooter says his movement understands violence is “not acceptable.”

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