Bitter? ABC's Jonathan Karl, CNN's Jeff Zeleny Complain Spicer Didn't Call On Them At White House

Bitter? ABC’s Jonathan Karl, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny Complain Spicer Didn’t Call On Them At White House

Following Wednesday’s White House press briefing, White House correspondents from ABC and CNN expressed their pathetic bitterness and sense of entitlement, whining the press secretary Sean Spicer didn’t call on them or some of their friends in the liberal media. On CNN’s Wolf, senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny was discussing the numerous questions Spicer received about miscommunication about the location of the USS Carl Vinson in the South China Sea when the complaint about questioners came in.

NewsBusters: Bitter Much? ABC’s Karl, CNN’s Zeleny Complain Spicer Didn’t Call on Them at WH

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