Brent Bozell: There's Nothing 'Mainstream' About The News Media Anymore

Brent Bozell: There’s Nothing ‘Mainstream’ About The News Media Anymore

On the Fox Business Network, Brent Bozell called out the mainstream media for their condemnation of President Trump’s tough talk on North Korea. He pointed out that in the last three days, the national news media has given more attention to criticizing Trump than they have to criticizing North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Stuart Varney pointed out that much of the criticism is focused on the language Trump has used – such as “fire and fury” or “locked and loaded” – as opposed to the actual position he’s staked out in this crisis. “I can’t recall anytime in modern American history – or maybe in history at all – where the news media tried to rally the American people against the commander-in-chief,” Bozell said.

In the past, he said, the nation – including the media – has always rallied behind the president times of war or crisis. “These attacks are not coming from just left-wing radical guests. They’re coming from the likes of NBC anchor Lester Holt, CNN anchor Jake Tapper and others,” Bozell said. “This is the ‘mainstream press.’ There’s nothing ‘mainstream’ about the news media anymore.” — “They want this man removed from office, and this is the degree to which they’re willing to go.”

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