Butthurt Democrats Object To GOP's #SchumerShutdown Poster On House Floor…Said Poster Violated Rules

Butthurt Democrats Object To GOP’s #SchumerShutdown Poster On House Floor…Said Poster Violated Rules

The government might have shut down, but the circus continues on Capitol Hill. The House Republican Conference has been shopping this graphic commemorating the #SchumerShutdown on social media today. — House Republicans: “A government shutdown rests on the shoulders of @SenateDems and @SenSchumer. They made the choice to put party politics over the good of the country. #SchumerShutdown” — Rep. Bradley Byrne of Alabama liked it so much he had it blown up to use as a poster on the House Floor — but Democrats objected, saying the poster violated House rules. — Cristina Marcos @cimarcos: “Democrats objected to this poster used by @RepByrne featuring an old quote from @SenSchumer during the last shutdown. So now the House is voting on whether it abides by chamber rules. (Really.)”

Jennifer Shutt: “The is the floor chart the House is voting on. At question is whether or not it violates House rules and/or decorum.” — Drew McCoy: “The Democrats are claiming quoting Chuck Schumer on the floor violates the rules of decorum in the House. That’s… an interesting stance.” — That violates House decorum? For what it’s worth, the House voted, and the whiners went down in flames. — Jennifer Shutt: “House voted 224-173 that everything is fine. Rep. Byrne is back on the floor speaking next to the chart. Every time he starts speaking Dems begin yelling and booing.” — Yelling and booing? What was that about decorum? — Cristina Marcos @cimarcos: “The House voted that Byrne’s poster was in order. Byrne is now trying to resume his speech. But Democrats keep booing him.”

Here’s video of Dems having their temper tantrum. — JM Rieger @RiegerReport: “This whole government shutdown thing is going great.” — Caleb Fisher does creative for the GOP. — Caleb Fisher @calebjfisher: “lol @dems sorry y’all don’t like my poster 😬 ” — Sorry, but it stays. — 🎙Wayne Dupree @WayneDupreeShow: “House Democrats don’t want this poster on the floor during the debate, so I am sharing it on Twitter/Facebook. #SchumerShutdown”

Twitchy: NY Times pours COLD water on Dems’ effort to blame shutdown on Trump (and libs are PISSED)

NY Times pours COLD water on Dems’ effort to blame shutdown on Trump (and libs are PISSED)

Twitchy: Butthurt Democrats object to GOP’s #SchumerShutdown poster on House Floor


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