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CBS, NBC Sunday Shows Grill Mulvaney On Budget Cuts: ‘Why Not Cut Vacations?’

On Sunday, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney was doing his due diligence to help sell President Donald Trump’s federal budget by making the rounds on some the network morning shows. When he appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation and NBC’s Meet the Press, moderators John Dickerson and Chuck Todd peppered the White House official with ridiculous and conflicting questions. “Well, what about the President’s vacations? You know, when he goes down to Mar-a-Lago,” Dickerson pressed while openly admitting that it was a “political question.” Dickerson tried to justify the question by throwing Mulvaney’s own words back in his face:

You said, sort of, one of your guiding principles was: ‘When you start looking at places where we reduce spending, one of the questions we ask was, can we really continue to ask a coal miner in West Virginia or single mom in Detroit to pay for these programs?’ The answer is ‘no,’ — “As s candidate, Trump made a lot of President Obama’s vacations, now people are bringing that back to the President,” he continued to question, “What does a coal miner or single mom say about these trips down to Florida?” Mulvaney responded by reminding his host that he used to be a congressman and that he remembers who he’s beholden to, “I used to be a member of congress. I used to represent 700,000 people and my first job was to represent their best interests.”

NewsBusters: CBS, NBC Sunday Shows Grill Mulvaney on Budget Cuts, Why Not Cut Vacations?

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