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CBS: ‘Teacher’ Obama Has A ‘Gift’ To ‘Make People Understand’

He may be gone, but no one on CBS has forgotten “teacher” Barack Obama and his ability to “make people understand.” On Thursday, the journalists at CBS This Morning and liberal actor Jesse Williams previewed a Smithsonian documentary on the former President, complete with the excessive fawning over the Democrat. Williams narrates The Obama Years: The Power of Words, a look at the politician’s six most important speeches. Norah O’Donnell enthused, “[Obama] clearly has a gift as people said as the orator-in-chief. You know? But his writing was a way to move people. He tried in a way to make people to understand.” Charlie Rose called it “a teaching element.”

NewsBusters: CBS: ‘Teacher’ Obama Has a ‘Gift’ to ‘Make People Understand’

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