Chelsea Handler Pre-Records Celebration For Hillary’s ‘Win’ – The Liberty Eagle

Chelsea Handler Pre-Records Celebration For Hillary’s ‘Win’

Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler pre-recorded a “victory” video for Hillary Clinton’s anticipated (but never materializing) win on election night. The taped segment for Wednesday’s Netflix show included cheering, balloons falling and a woman holding a sign reading, “Roe V. Wade 4 Ever.” Handler began by explaining, “Right now you are either celebrating because we shattered the glass ceiling or crying because we shattered the American dream. But we’re taping this before we know the results. So, we have no idea who won. And to cover our bases, we taped two different show opens.” The “victory” video included pregnant mothers and Mexicans bursting through a wall. In the taped segment, Handler cheered, “I have an official announcement to make! Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States!” In the alternative, reality-based version where the “unthinkable has happened,” Ann Coulter appeared where she smiled and said, “Oh, hello.”

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