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Chuck Todd: Democratic Party In Poor State After Election

Video Transcript:

TODD: Doesn’t get much lower than this for Democrats. A few weeks ago, Democrats were measuring the drapes – not just in the White House, they thought that was in the bag – they were talking about the Senate, that was in reach, even the House at one point. They at least thought they would narrow it in a big way or shall we say “bigly.” But now, Democrats are facing a unified Republican government after arguably misjudging the electorate and bungling the delivery of their own message or frankly, coming up with one. After years of trumpeting their party strength with young voters and minorities, Democrats now find themselves out of touch with working class white voters in the Midwest. According to Smart Politics, for the first time in history, Democrats have now lost five consecutive presidential elections in these states: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and West Virginia. And by increasingly larger margins. Hillary Clinton lost West Virginia, once the strongest of democratic strongholds by 42 points. Democrats also took a step backwards with young voters. Take Wisconsin in 2012, President Obama won voters under 25 by 16 points. This year, Donald Trump narrowly beat Hillary Clinton in that age group by two.

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