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Clinton Investigation Not Over Yet – ‘Equal Treatment Under The Law Means Just That’

Video Transcript:

Despite Donald Trump saying he won’t prosecute Hillary Clinton, Jim Jordan says it’s not over yet.

JIM JORDAN: Well, I mean I guess I can understand the president, his point of view, but equal treatment under the law means just that. And I always remind folks, remember what took place in this investigation. Have you ever seen the subject of the investigation’s husband get to meet with the attorney general just days before the subject of the investigation’s interviewed by the FBI? Ever seen five people get immunity yet no one gets prosecuted? Three of the five who got immunity took the Fifth in front of Congress. Mr. Pagliano didn’t even show up when he was subpoenaed in front of Congress. So we’ve seen all kinds of things in this investigation we’ve never seen before. Senator Graham is right, this Justice Department is completely about politics and not about justice in my judgment.

Jordan argued that ultimately it’s the responsibility of the DOJ, not the president, to pursue the case.

JORDAN: I think when you think about equal treatment under the law, it is incumbent upon us to get to the facts and get to the truth here so the American people know that in fact, there is a standard that is in place called equal treatment under the law … And you think about Mr. Combetta, one of the guys who got immunity, was caught on the site Reddit going back trying to delete his posts on that site where he was talking about getting rid of information relative to Mrs. Clinton’s email archives, email and her address. You know, look this is some pretty serious things going on here and I think the American people want to know the truth. We can do it in right way, we can do it in our constitutional way that we’re supposed to, but I think it’s something that needs to happen.

ERIC SHAWN: Well, do you think whatever you dig up and the House continues to investigate that Attorney General Jeff Sessions would maybe take this and take this material in the case and – I mean it is not up to the President of the United States whether or not someone gets charged. It is ultimate responsibility of the top law enforcement officer and that is the attorney general and the DOJ.

JORDAN: Right.

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