CNN: Hillary's Loss Is 'Still Crushing' For 'Millions' Of Women

CNN: Hillary’s Loss Is ‘Still Crushing’ For ‘Millions’ Of Women

The 17 November 2016 edition of CNN’s New Day harped on how supposedly for “millions of American women…the pain runs deep” in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Kyung Lah touted that “if 2016 was identity politics, women across social media feel theirs is under attack in Clinton’s loss.” Lah spotlighted three female Clinton supporters at UCLA. One undergraduate revealed, “I’ve had to wake up to the reality that a lot of America is not like what Los Angeles is like.” Surprisingly, Alisyn Camerota admitted, “People on the coast do live in a bubble that is not necessarily reflective of the entire country.”

NewsBusters: CNN: Hillary’s Loss is ‘Still Crushing’ For ‘Millions’ of Women

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