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CNN Panelist Mary Catherine Ham Scolds: We Cannot Have A ‘Grown-Up’ Budget Conversation

Following the White House’s release of a proposed federal budget on Thursday the liberal media went into a frenzy as they framed it as an assault against old people, the poor, and cancer research. But according to The Federalist’s Mary Catherine Ham on Sunday’s Inside Politics, that’s the childish behavior Washington had become known for. “No one wants to cut anything,” told the CNN panel, “And I think that was the most revealing thing, as it often is, that we cannot have a grown-up conversation about actually making priorities in government.”

“Meals on Wheels gets thrown out there and everybody goes: ‘Oh my gosh, why do you want to hurt old people,’” she chided. And her point is fair, since during the evening network news broadcasts Thursday night, they declared that: “There’s a lot more money for the military but there are critics who say popular programs and the poor would pay the price.” Ham walked the rest of the panel through some of the problems with the community block grant program. “Well actually, this community grant program is a hive of cronyism and corruption,” she explained, “Let’s actually look at what it’s doing. Most of the funding for Meals on Wheels comes from states and comes from another federal program.” …

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