Competition, Data Drives Hospital Design

Competition, Data Drives Hospital Design

It’s widely known that the healthcare system in America is in a state of crisis. However, the hospitals, care centers and research facilities that make up the industry have never looked better. Gone are the days of sterile spaces, shared rooms and buildings that could be confused for corporate offices. Now, a new class of hospitals is on the rise. According to CNN, they’re more like hotels, with private rooms, gardens and art installations. In fact, Pat Bosch, design director at the Miami office of architecture firm Perkins and Will says competition is driving people away from private facilities and into county hospitals that are adopting a new, more patient-centric approach. This research-heavy approach is known as ‘evidence-based design.’ It forces design firms to take the tiniest details into consideration, from minimizing the distance between the nurse’s station and patients’ rooms, to perfecting the acoustics for quieter wards and choosing hardware that limits infection.


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