Cuba's Foreign Minister Jeers At Trump's 'Grotesque Spectacle'

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Jeers At Trump’s ‘Grotesque Spectacle’

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Cuba’s Foreign Minister lashed out at President Donald Trump’s decision to restrict U.S. travel and business with his country on Monday. According to NBC News, Bruno Rodriguez called the president’s announcement last week “a grotesque spectacle that came out of the Cold War.” He told journalists in Vienna, “There will not be a presidential directive from the U.S. that will alter the direction of Cuba. We have gone through everything, our people have gone through everything. What could they menace us with now that they haven’t before and failed?” International campaigner Human Rights Watch reported that the Cuban government has long repressed dissent and criticism — and it has gotten worse. However, it warned that ordinary Cubans — the people that Trump said his move sought to help — would suffer as a result of last week’s decision.


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