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Culberson: Sanctuary Cities Change Your Policy Or Write Us A Refund Check

Rep. John Culberson (R-TX-7):
“The Department of Justice notified all these cities that unless you change your sanctuary policy, comply with federal law 100 percent of the time, you are no longer eligible. So they will lose all their money on January 20th. And if you continue to defy and refuse to get rid of your sanctuary policy, New York City, Chicago, California, Connecticut, and all these others, will owe a refund of every dollar they’ve ever received from the federal government under these Department of Justice programs. And these are minimum figures, Eric. The State of California. if they will not change their law, will owe us, U.S. taxpayers $1.2 billion. City of Chicago will have to write a refund check to American taxpayers for $91 million. And Mayor de Blasio, you get to choose between protecting criminal illegal aliens in your custody, Mr. Mayor, or refunding, if you continue to protect illegal aliens, Mr. Mayor. He owes a refund.

If the Mayor of New York, the Mayor of Chicago, the Governor of California want to protect criminal illegal aliens in their jurisdictions, that’s their decision. But don’t ask for federal money. The new policy that I instituted, as new chairman of the Commerce, Justice, and Science Sub-Committee, is if you want federal money, follow federal law. And President Trump and Attorney General Sessions, I’m confident they’re going to do the same thing. And everything is now prepositioned for New York, Chicago, California to lose their federal money. But it’s their decision. If you want to protect criminal aliens, don’t ask for federal money. Those days are over. When you can collect a check from the Federal Government and ignore federal requests for information to deport criminal aliens, those days are over. If you don’t change your policy you’re going to have to write us a refund check.”

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