Fate Of Secret Service Agent Who Pledged 'Jail Time Over A Bullet' For Trump Sends Heads To Desks

Fate Of Secret Service Agent Who Pledged ‘Jail Time Over A Bullet’ For Trump Sends Heads To Desks

We reported in January that a senior Secret Service agent who revealed in a Facebook post that she would “take jail time over a bullet” for President Trump was placed on paid leave while an investigation was being conducted. Following the investigation, the agent will reportedly not lose employment with the government: Remember the Secret Service agent who said she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump? She is not getting fired but has been removed from her post. The agent is not getting fired, but instead “may be getting transferred to another government job”: And keeping her benefits I guess? What a travesty.

She was paid for months while this was sorted out. And now she can just move sideways. If I refused to do my job I would be fired. This is a perfect example of the failures of big government. She should be fired. Why does this woman have a job?

Twitchy: WHAT!? Fate of Secret Service agent who pledged ‘jail time over a bullet’ for Trump sends heads to desks

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