Greg Gutfeld Has A Solution (The Perfect Med) For Hillary Clinton's Lingering: Lingerex
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Greg Gutfeld Has A Solution (The Perfect Med) For Hillary Clinton’s Lingering: Lingerex

Gosh, if a pill could really help Hillary Clinton figure out she’s overstayed her welcome … we’d invest. She’s a SERIOUS lingerer. That’s why Greg Gutfeld’s ‘Lingerex’ is absolutely perfect: Greg Gutfeld Show: “Do you linger around too long? Never know it’s time to leave the party? Our newest sponsor, Lingerex, has the solution for you!”

“Was the last call invented for you?” *snort* Blamitol was my favorite. Keep up the good work Mr. G!! Man, there’s a pill for whatever ails ya’ these days. She’s like ringworm! Just keeps hanging around, right? My sister just turns off the lights. It does work. Not a bad idea – seems to work for kindergartners. Seriously, THIS was comedy. Maybe SNL and comedians like Kathy Griffin should take a few pointers from Greg.

Twitchy: BAHAHA! Greg Gutfeld has a solution (the perfect med) for Hillary Clinton’s lingering, and it’s HILARIOUS

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