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Huma Updated White House With Hillary’s New Email Addresses

CBS News Bill Plante:
“Mr. President, when did you first learn that Hillary Clinton used an email system outside the U.S. Government for official business while she was Secretary of State?”

President Barack Obama:
“The same time everybody else learned it through news reports.”

Fox News Channel’s Chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports that the White House was made aware of Hillary Clinton’s new email addresses.

Catherine Herridge:
“I think the point that’s been missing in this discussion is that President Obama, with all due respect, really has a horse in this race and has a vested interest in the outcome. He was using an alias, a personal account to communicate with Hillary Clinton. And we know from the State Department, who spoke on the record about this earlier this year, that there are about 18 to 24 records that were withheld citing Executive Branch deliberations. Now, here’s the important thing that sometimes people miss: President Obama’s Blackberry is a high-security Blackberry and every address, we talked about this last week, every address has to be cleared. It’s like a VIP list. And Huma Abedin in her FBI interview said to agents, ‘Every time Mrs. Clinton changed her address, I had to tell the White House to make sure that his devices would accept it.’

So this is another admission that the White House understood that she was using this private server for government business and that the President was okay with it. And his team was okay with it because they were allowing updates to the email to be made. So, he’s got a real horse in the race here. He’s not speaking as a dispassionate observer to what’s happening.”

Brit Hume:
“Catherine, thank you very much.”

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