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It Gets Worse? ‘Chilling’ New Footage Of Erdoğan’s Thugs Beating Up Protesters

Turkey’s President Erdogan emerges from car on Tues., watches fight outside Embassy. “Hey, it’s just like home.” Hard to believe that footage of Turkish President Erdoğan’s thugs beating up protesters outside the Turkish Embassy in D.C. could get any worse. And yet, here we are. He effing watched it happen. A guy leans into the car (where Erdogan is sitting) then talks to a guy who heads to the protest. Fighting starts. The second guy is out of sight by 17 seconds in; protestors stop chanting at 21 seconds; brawl is visible at 25. Then at 1:12, the guy who walked away comes back and talks to Erdogan, who’s gotten out of the car.

The fight starts when one guy in a suit comes running into the protest and throws punches. State Department condemned the brawl this week. But this looks like Erdogan telling his goons to assault peaceful protesters in America. There’s no way these guys would have caused an int’l incident w/ Erdogan sitting right there w/o his say so. Did he give the signal? Watch the relay between limo bodyguard and the bald guy by the stairs before the fight. Of course, without an actual transcript of the conversation, it’s impossible to know for certain whether Erdoğan urged his security detail to go after the protesters (though one shouldn’t put that past him). But for him to just stand there and calmly watch it happen?

Toward the beginning it appears that he relays orders to his bodyguard who orders two men to go down to the protestors. And then while his security detail is beating up protestors, it looks like his detail lead is briefing him on what is going on. Then he gets out of the car to look closer and cooly walks into the embassy…..what a sociopath. This is so chilling. Note Erdogan’s impassive look when he finally gets out of the car. Whether or not he ordered it, by all appearances, President Erdoğan did nothing to stop his staff from committing violence. — That’s seriously messed up. So basically Erdogan security was part of a fight..on American soil…nice. — What the hell. Despicable, on so many levels.

Twitchy: It gets worse? ‘Chilling’ new footage of Erdoğan’s thugs beating up protesters

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