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Katherine Timpf Attends Topless Trump Protest In New York City

The Left has been in a perpetual tizzy since Hillary lost the election over two weeks ago, protesting and throwing epic temper tantrums wherever they can find a “safe space”. Kat Timpf attended a topless Donald Trump protest in New York City … yeah, we don’t get it either but hey, show your boobs if you dislike the president-elect seems to be a theme there. Katherine Timpf – “Fun Fact: The chick w/ the nipple ring who grabs my mic & starts screaming that Jesus had sex with men was actually the protest’s organizer.” — Chick with a nipple ring grabs her mic and starts screaming that Jesus had sex with men … and these morons wonder why they lost. Next up: “We’re going to protest @realDonaldTrump by gambling at one of his casinos!” TAKE THAT DONALD! Because if there’s one thing we know about Trump, he hates looking at half-naked women. Yeah, it’s been pretty evident that Trump is no fan of boobies. Hah.

She has a point, if Hillary had shown more boob, things might have be ok now. NO NO NO NO. Don’t even JOKE about that, evil person. If Hillary had shown some boob many of us would still be vomiting and partially blind. — The girl lost her credibility when she mention Jesus sexuality. total ignorance! She actually lost her credibility when she thought being topless somehow would influence others to go against Trump. Another case of boobs showing their boobs. Here a boob, there a boob, everywhere a boob boob. Because nothing fights fascism showing your boobs. Stupid. Right? We should put that in a Christmas card. Pubes for H. I bet her family is so proud. Yeah, we can’t even. Check please.

Twitchy: OUR EYES! WATCH Katherine Timpf attend topless Trump protest in NYC [video, sorry]


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