Kellyanne Conway Mocks CNN's 'Facts First' Ad During Live Interview And Liberals Are Triggered

Kellyanne Conway Mocks CNN’s ‘Facts First’ Ad During Live Interview And Liberals Are Triggered

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During an interview with Chris Cuomo, Kellyanne Conway eluted to a CNN ad that promotes giving viewers “facts first.” The reference came after Cuomo flat out told Conway that building a wall along the United States-Mexico border would not stop the flow of drugs into the U.S. — Kellyanne Conway Conway to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, mocking embarrassing CNN ads: “Facts first. Be an apple. Don’t be a banana.” — Here’s CNN’s ad: — Of course, Liberals resorted to attacking Conway. — Colorado Sparky: “@KellyannePolls “Kellyanne Conway” that poor trailer park trash nut case. Gotta love it when a soulless skeleton has a meltdown.” — “Trailer park trash?” That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?

EE0109 @ee01091: “Are Kellyanne Conway’s obvious cosmetic procedures coming out of our pockets? If so I want a refund. Plus doesn’t she still owe us in travel expenses? @KellyannePolls I hope DT picked up that tab.” — If you’re going to mock her, at least do so without resorting to her physical appearances. — Leslie @ProfHeinrichZ: “@ChrisCuomo seriously, Kellyanne can’t answer a question and she tells half truths and lies—we get dumber if we listen to her. Pleeeaaaassseee get her off your show! I can’t take it!” — You get dumber? Didn’t think that was possible.

Dennis Nutter, Jr., M.D. @jr_nutter: “@realDonaldTrump @ChrisCuomo Kellyanne Conway: 1)how the hell was she recently charged with taking on the opiate epidemic? 2)Chris, I admire your ability to bang your head against a brick wall 3)”He (Trump) doesn’t feel great about people lying.” per Conway, another stable genius.” — Man, liberals need to come up with some new insults. The same ones they’ve been spewing the last couple years have gotten pretty stale. — Josh @JoshxHolder: “just dropping by to say fuck Kellyanne Conway” — Duly noted. — Ateacherfirst @AuntieTeaches: “”Kellyanne Conway” seems to have forgotten this is Chris Cuomo she’s talking to. He saw more political BS before puberty then she’s successfully dealt in her lifetime. She’s amazingly bad at this. How has she earned a living at this for so long?” — Don’t put Cuomo on such a pedestal.

Al Boo Boo @503boo: “Kellyanne Conway and Chris Cuomo are CLEARLY in Love❤ They are our James Carville & Mary Matalin !” — Did we watch the same interview?

Twitchy: Kellyanne Conway MOCKS CNN’s ‘Facts First’ ad during live interview and liberals are TRIGGERED

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