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Kooky Late-Night MSNBC: Trump Is Like Kim-Jong-Un, Journalism Is Having A ‘Renaissance’

Two days after informing viewers that his “job…actually is to scare people to death” about war with North Korea, MSNBC host Brian Williams and guests served up more kooky thoughts on Thursday’s The 11th Hour by comparing President Trump to Kim Jong-un and swooning over a “renaissance” in American journalism. Oh, and that was all within the show’s opening segment, aka the A-Block. As we saw during the 2016 conventions and on election night, late-night MSNBC is a strange place. “We have made it to Thursday. Good evening once again from our NBC News headquarters here in New York. Day 203 of the Trump administration was wide ranging. It started out with great stress over the tensions with North Korea, including this new talk of war, and the day is ending that same way,” the mortified fake news anchor began.

In teeing up guest and New York Times Washington bureau chief Elisabeth Bumiller to follow him down into the bunker of liberal bias, Williams made the media’s latest comparison between Trump and Kim: “[C]an you remind the good folks watching just how unusual this kind of wording from an American president is? Almost borrowing the vocabulary and nomenclature of the North. Say nothing of this a daily event now?” Bumiller responded just as a Times reporter would, claiming that the bureau thought about the President’s words before concluding “that this was the most militant language we have ever heard from an American president, and especially the doubling down.” Williams has frequently praised his comrades in the media (like here), so it wasn’t surprising when he touted the newspaper industry to Bumiller for all their work (after an eight-year vacation):

“Elisabeth, it strikes me we have representatives of The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, and yet, the difference is, you’re kind of management, so I’ll ask you this question. Can you remember an era like this for the American newspaper and print journalism business?” — Bumiller responded that she couldn’t recall one “in my lifetime” and despite “the President refer[ring] to us as the failing New York Times,” she ruled that business has been “good.” Now here’s the punchline. Bumiller swooned that “[w]e feel a sort of renaissance of journalism, and it’s focused us on the mission of journalism, and also there’s just no lack of news.”

After years and years of dismissing or ignoring scandals during the Obama administration, it’s no surprise that journalism has emerged from the wilderness like Hillary Clinton to complain about how she should have won the election. With liberal elected officials shrinking in numbers, the media have taken on the status as the opposition party (whether they admit it or not). “I mean, this morning, I came to the office and, you know, it’s August in Washington. The President’s on vacation. Congress is out. There’s always a certain scrounging for stories in August, and, you know, by about 4:00 this afternoon, that was — we had our hands full,” she concluded. “Another unbelievable day,” Williams replied. Earlier in the block, Williams hailed Washington Post White House bureau chief Phil Rucker for questioning Trump at each Q&A session, claiming that “[w]e were cheering at the sound of your voice at not one, but both venues today.”

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NewsBusters: Kooky Late-Night MSNBC: Trump Is Like Kim-Jong-un, Journalism Is Having a ‘Renaissance’

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