Koreans Develop Depression-Treating Headband

Koreans Develop Depression-Treating Headband

South Korea has the fourth highest rate of suicide globally. But social stigmas associated with depression and mental illness often keep people from seeking treatment. Happily, local startup Ybrain is working on a new gadget designed for people suffering major depressive disorder. According to Geek.com, the Mindd wearable headband uses transcranial direct current stimulation to deliver a stream of electricity to the frontal lobe. Users feel a tingling sensation as the electric waves pass through their head to the area of the brain where decreased activity is associated with depression. The Mindd is already deployed in a dozen South Korean hospitals. It is expected to reach another 150 this year, with the aim of treating at least 3,000 people. An upgraded dry-type model, which uses hydrogel material instead of a saline-soaked pad, is also in the works.

Can a Smart Headband Cure Depression?


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