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Little Boy Blue: Keith Olbermann Crawls From Under Irrelevant Rock To Have Hysterical Trump Meltdown

Ah, Little Boy Blue Keith Olbermann once again slithered out from under his irrelevant rock. Little Boy TOOL works as well as a name for the former MSNBC-er, but regular old blue might be best this time. Because, boy, does he have a case of the sads over Hillary Clinton’s loss and Donald Trump’s win. Also, apparently he works “blue” now; do you kiss anyone with that mouth, Keith? Sorry, that was mean. Clearly he kisses no one. And poor wittle Keith had to let everyone know just how breath-holding mad he is. In a totally embarrassing way. Take it away, Farm School Boy! “Attention Donald Trump. Nobody else in your family was “elected.” Get your daughter THE FUCK OUT OF STATE MEETINGS.” — “A brutal, racist regime will take over this country in two months. To resist we must stop pretending it’s otherwise.” Oh my. Did someone miss his nap today? “Brutal, racist regime.” Stop! You’re killing me! Did you learn nothing from BusHitler?

“The pretending must stop. Trump IS a fascist, Bolton IS a warmonger, deportation MEANS concentration camps.” — Guess not. And the Hitler references kept coming. “Stop. Pretending. Moderation and “common ground” do not work with madmen, fascists – or in this case; fascist madmen.” — “Stop. Pretending. Normal politics is over, we are fighting to keep America free.” — Um, yes. That’s why we told Hillary Clinton to go scratch. Get it yet? “Just tonight Trump lied about Ford, lied about Muslim registry. STOP PRETENDING WE CAN WORK WITH THIS MADMAN.” — “Stop pretending “we can work with Trump.” Tonight he lied about Ford, lied about Muslim Registry. This man is insane.” — I see one madman. And he’s apparently frothing at the mouth. Hint: It’s YOU, Olbermann. — “Well hold on, the prime minister on the left is a grandee. The guy on the right is just a fatuous fuck.” — “Stop. Pretending. Trump is deranged, lied about Muslim registry and Ford just tonight.”

Dude. Come on. Can you get some new material? And those weren’t the only times he kept repeating those SAME lines. I’m just too lazy to put them all in. Plus, I fear his insanity may be catching. He continued today with some “tolerant’ personal attacks: “The Attorney General nominee. A stone cold racist Keebler Elf.” — Olbermann’s also doing his embarrassingly stagey Important Voice. He sounds like a Ted Baxter who went to a second-tier farm college. Olbermann has fantasies about being the Mockingjay of the left, calls him Keithness Olberdeen. — Dying! — In three months Keith Olbermann will be delivering his Special Comments at Chucky Cheese birthday parties. Also, can someone please go change Keith Olbermann’s diaper for him? He’s so cranky he won’t be able to make play group today.

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