Marco Rubio’s Unbelievable Secret Is Out After He Secretly Teams Up With Obama

Marco Rubio’s Unbelievable Secret Is Out After He Secretly Teams Up With Obama

Marco Rubio’s Unbelievable Secret Is Out After He Secretly Teams Up With Obama
Americans are still left in shock following the non-guilty verdict for the illegal criminal who shot and killed Kate Steinle in the back of the head in 2015. After hoping justice would finally be served, we now realize that we live in a country where illegals can now shoot Americans in broad daylight and get away with it. As liberals are collectively rejoicing over the news of their precious illegal walking free, one of Washington D.C.’s most infamous traitors, Marco Rubio, has just made an unbelievable announcement following the non-guilty verdict, as he sides with Obama in an unbelievable move against Americans.

Rubio is one of the traitors in D.C. who has has constantly had the back of Obama and his criminal-pandering agenda over the years. Rubio’s unbelievable act of treason earlier this year where he worked alongside known Muslim terrorists to author Senate Resolution 118, that would make speaking out against Islam an illegal crime.

So it should come as no surprise that following the non-guilty verdict of Kate Steinle’s killer, Rubio would immediately throw our country under the bus by pushing for another Obama-motivated policy. What is shocking however is the timing that Rubio announced his new mission to protect Obama’s illegal aliens, as his announcement came just hours after the non-guilty verdict was handed down.

Several months ago, President Trump ordered the end of DACA, an unconstitutional Obama-era program that protected 800,000 people who were in our country illegally from deportation.Trump understood that many of these Obama “dreamers” are perpetrators of absolutely horrifying crimes on Americans, including that of illegal Francisco Rios-Covarrubias, who kidnapped, raped and murdered a 3-year-old girl back in 2012. The little girl’s body was found by authorities duct-taped and covered in feces inside of the illegal alien’s closet.

But apparently Marco Rubio doesn’t care about murdered 3-year-old children, and following the shocking exoneration of Kate Steinle’s killer, is announcing his mission to protect Obama’s peeps from deportation. “The former co-architect of the infamous 2013 “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), suggested that he is open to a temporary amnesty for nearly 800,000 illegal aliens that would eventually lead to a “permanent” amnesty,” Breitbart reported.

The RINO senator announced his plan during an interview on Fox news, where he stated he’s standing firmly with the Obama-created policy that was put into place under the Obama Administration that successfully shielded illegals in our country from being deported. The very same policy that led to the deaths of countless Americans!

Is Rubio a closet liberal? What planet is this guy living on where following the acquittal of Kate Steinle’s murderer, he would immediately come out fighting for the rights of these illegal criminals? Here’s just a few of the types of people that Rubio is all too eager to protect:

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