Matt Lauer Grills Nikki Haley: As 'Daughter Of Immigrants' How Can You Support 'Muslim Ban'?

Matt Lauer Grills Nikki Haley: As ‘Daughter Of Immigrants’ How Can You Support ‘Muslim Ban’?

In a hostile exclusive interview with United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley aired on Thursday’s NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer interrogated the former South Carolina governor on President Trump’s foreign policy, beginning with the temporary hold on immigration from Middle Eastern nations with poor vetting procedures. Lauer grilled: “During the campaign, you strongly objected to any idea of a Muslim ban. You called it “un-American, unconstitutional”….Now we have the second version of this travel ban that’s being pushed by the White House. Do you support it?” Haley replied that she did and Lauer demanded: “Why do you support it now?”

NewsBusters: Lauer Grills Haley: How Can You Support Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’?

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