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Matthews: John Bolton Leading State Department Will Make People ‘Sad’

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews ended his ranting and raving on Monday’s Hardball with a segment he dubbed “Trump Watch,” where he warned President-Elect Donald Trump that he’s making people “sad.” “I can feel much of the country’s mood right now,” he announced to his viewers, “And tonight, I worry about the talk that John Bolton may be Trump’s choice for secretary of state.” — “Picking Bolton would have an immediate effect,” he declared, “It would vastly increase the number of people who are sad at what happened last Tuesday and the number of people who are downright scared. Sacred.” Before voicing his displeasure with the prospect of the former United Nations ambassador joining Trump’s cabinet, he opined about how in touch he was with the rest of America:

On Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and then again on church on Sunday night the choir sang it again. Because much of America is a soulful mood right now, but some of it’s alright or actually downright scared. — Matthews even admitted that his son was one of the people protesting the results of the election, as he whined about having to try and keep leftists calm following their great history-making upset last Tuesday: I try hard to do this job. This job of bringing the news to people wanting to know what happened today, what it might mean, how I’m weighing it personally, how I’m using my knowledge of American history and put it in perspective, and try to keep the boat stable as we head down the river of, yes, more history. Because that’s what the country is making right now. Believe it or not, like it or not, American history. This is us going through this.

It’s doubtful, if Hillary Clinton had won the election, that Matthews would pay any mind to how Clinton’s appointments would play with her opponents. He probably wouldn’t care how aggrieved non-Clinton voters would be, no matter how vocal they were about it.

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