Michelle O Throws Her Useless Thoughts Into The Sex Assault Discussion

Michelle O Throws Her Useless Thoughts Into The Sex Assault Discussion

Michelle Obama came out of hiding to address the nation and the ongoing, ever increasing, just-about-everyone’- involved-in-something sexual assault scandals and accusations. Michelle is calling on American men to do their part to fight against the lewd behavior towards women that’s consistently seeping out of Hollywood and government like a leaky urine bag attached to a future Harvey Weinstein. Michelle called upon American males to stand up for “what’s right” and stop allowing the terrible behavior to plague the great American nation one pervy accusation at a time.

She may have sold out a crowd in Hartford, Connecticut, but she missed a huge point that should’ve been made. I’ll roll up my sleeves for this one, because someone needs to set the former first lady straight with a few facts. I’ll sit with my legs as wide open as possible as I mansplain to Michelle that there are always two sides to this very dirty coin and she should’ve addressed both sides, not just that which benefits her gender.

Michelle Obama is calling on American men to play their part in the fight against sexual misconduct.

During a sold-out speech Thursday evening in Hartford, Connecticut, the former first lady weighed in on the recent wave of sexual harassment and abuse allegations against men of power in various industries, saying: “I can’t tell you how sick it makes me, the more I see the uncovering of the truth that all us women know has been out there, that there is an ugliness there.”

Michelle’s first mistake is to call on only American men. She should have called on all Americans to fight against sexual misconduct. Has she not paid attention to the increasing amount of female teachers luring very eager high school boys into sexual relations?

I can’t tell you how sick it makes me, the more I see the uncovering of the truth that all us men know has been out there, that there is ugliness in women too. Michelle Obama forgot to address the part where women falsely accuse people of crimes that did not happen for the sole purpose of their own benefit or to slaughter the character of someone for one reason or another. Michelle forgets that there’s plenty of women who tell lies, fabricate stories, and throw sexually charged accusations at people simply to destroy someone’s character.

Before your panties find themselves in a massive uproar and your throat drops at the thought that a woman would lie to ruin someone’s career or character, think for a moment about all the accusations flying around these days. It seems like there’s a new sexual assault or harassment accusation almost daily. How many have been proven? Can someone give us a list of how many sexual assault charges and accusations have actually been proven or admitted to? Louis C.K., Al Franken, Bill Clinton, who else? Not that many. The rest are he said/she said. No one knows for sure if the accused are innocent or guilty. No one knows for sure if the accuser is telling lies or truth.

No one knows except for the accuser and the accused and the rest of us are in limbo until someone provides concrete evidence one way or the other.

This goes for everyone accused. This goes for every accuser. This goes for all of us. Show me a video of Harvey Weinstein and a female celebrity having sexual relations. Is she putting her toes on the ceiling voluntarily or is he forcing her into it? We don’t know. We may not ever know.

Find me stone cold evidence with Alabama’s Roy Moore and the accusations he’s facing. Is it true what people said about him? Or is this a democratic character assassination in action? It’s very convenient that the accusations began swirling like an ice cream machine right when Democrats got a sweet tooth for dirty victory. Does anyone truly know what to think? Without evidence, there’s no proof. The only thing we’ve seen is a shady yearbook signature in different color ink and that’s not exactly concrete proof of anything.

The American legal system says people are innocent until proven guilty, so what is everyone supposed to do each time there’s a raunchy accusation made? Are we right to find people in the wrong without having anything to base it on other than someone’s decades-old story? Are we wrong to suggest that a woman might be telling a lie? What are we really supposed to do about it?

Any person can walk into a room, point a finger at someone, then say something horrible like “she touched me where it smells funny” and people in the room will either assume it’s true or false. But the huge problem is that no one knows for sure, but everyone looks at the girl differently for the rest of her life. People will always wonder if she did what she was accused of doing. The same goes for men who face false accusations. Even if it’s not true, the accusation is enough to bring people down.

In Roy Moore’s case, it’s probably enough for him to lose an election. In Bill Clinton’s case, it was enough for him to use an intern as a humidor.

Men and women both lie and Michelle Obama needs to hold her sex accountable as much as she pushes the male counterpart to be.

“If we want young women to be strong and have voices and advocate for themselves, then we have to realize how much work we have to do,’’ she added. “And I’m talking to the men out there, who cannot be innocent bystanders and complacent … watching this happen.”

How about the men who are innocent? How about the women who take advantage of men because they know men are easily fooled by a sugar-coated lady? A mildly attractive woman can easily flirt her way to a promotion because men are naturally gullible. Let’s not forget that women hold power in their pants. Any hint of a chance for a man to find his way in there and he’s writing checks, giving promotions, and signing multi-film deals like Harvey Weinstein. Let’s not forget that women are just as privy to their power as men are to theirs. It goes both ways and people forget that.

Beverly Young Nelson’s stepson lashed out against her accusations against Moore. That made it seem like she’s telling a lie clearly for Moore’s opponent’s political gain. It’s no wonder Gloria Allred, pure sensationalist attorney, is involved.

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