Migrants Gang Rape Woman In Wheelchair

Migrants Gang Rape Woman In Wheelchair

Sweden is one of the best places to live in, regarding the statistics of their economy, legal system and life standard.

But a shocking news reveals cracks in the structure of this society, apparently made by the huge waves of immigrants, especially with Muslim cultural background.

Our source, Mad World News, claims that a gang of five immigrants brutally entered the home and raped the woman who was living there. And that’s not all – the woman was physically unable to defend herself because she is in a wheelchair!

Apparently, the woman coincidentally met one of the immigrants from the gang in a bar, with whom afterwards, she shared a taxi towards home. The man said he lives nearby, which was probably a set-up situation. After the ride, he kindly asked to use the bathroom in her house, chit-chatting her, while making up enough time for his friends to arrive and brutally and by force enter the house of the unprotected woman.

The rest of this situation is even unspeakable – five men with one overpowered woman, the whole night long….

Fortunately or not, thanks to images from street security cameras, the rapists were caught. But Sweden’s legal system, that is based on advanced proclamation and protection of human rights, failed to serve the bigger picture in this case scenario. The whole gang was released, after stating that there was not a “probable cause” that they had committed any crime. According to Fria Tider, they were released, because the prosecution and the Sweden authorities don’t think there was a “violence or threats”, which represent the legal defining aspects of what is considered to be a rape in Sweden.

The bad news travel faster than the good, so many people found out about this case. Fortunately, unlike the left-oriented legal system in Sweden, the actual human population supported the woman in her grief and pain, protesting in front of the police department, asking for justice, prosecution and punishment for these cruel, savage gang.

This new law that’s restricting the right of access to details regarding criminal suspects was officially implemented on October 1 this year. It’s nothing more than another step towards handing the country over to its enemies.

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