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Mike Pence Gets Booed At ‘Hamilton’ Broadway Musical

THAT’LL SHOW’EM! If anything stops Trump… it will be a Broadway Musical. Count on it. Can’t a guy just go to the theater? Apparently not. Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed when he showed up at the hit musical “Hamilton” in NYC tonight. We’re seeing a lot of tweets like these: Eric John – “Pence, I feel ya. If a homophobe who wants to electrocute gays can’t go to musical without getting booed, nothing’s sacred anymore.” — Mario – “So apparently Pence was booed when he showed up at Hamilton and uh what did he expect?” — Marc Snetiker – “Hope he enjoys the curtain call speech about Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.” — “Reminder that the current star of Hamilton is the incomparable Javier Muñoz, an openly gay, openly HIV-positive actor. Pay attention, Pence.” — Michael McGurran – “Mike Pence got booed at a performance of Hamilton. Weird, it’s like gay people don’t love raging homophobic bigots. Who’da thunk it?”

Delete 2016 – “The best part of Pence’s Hamilton experience being ruined for me is knowing that I, a brown queer, have better seats than he does.” — TBogg – “In all likelihood Pence went to Hamilton thinking it was a minstrel show.” —- And the crowd cheered the parts they considered anti-Trump: Christy Colburn – I’m at Hamilton and so is Mike Pence. Crowd booed him like crazy, and gave a standing O at the line “immigrants we get the job done” – Crowd went NUTS at King George’s lines “when people say they hate you” & “do you know how hard it is to lead?” He had to stop the song. —- We do wonder how many of these theatergoers think it’s funny that Alexander Hamilton was a champion of the electoral college and the reason we have VP Pence: Two quick, easy things liberal elites could do right away to make amends for their failure: cancel “The Daily Show” and shut down “Hamilton” – Oh and by the way, it was Alexander Hamilton who championed the Electoral College. I guess that didn’t make the musical.

Twitchy: Mike Pence gets booed at ‘Hamilton’; Update: Video added


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