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Obama Leaves Behind ‘Decimated’ Democrat Party And Dark Red Country

Video Transcript:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, when Obama says we don’t need a full overhaul, he’s either in denial or he’s trying to protect his legacy. The reason you don’t need a full overhaul is that there’s no way to overhaul rubble. He’s been in office for eight years and what he’s left behind – he did OK, he won twice, reelection because he’s one of the great campaigners in American history. But every other election where he wasn’t at the top, the party was shellacked. Somebody once said of the 2010 election, the midterm, that it wasn’t an election, it was a restraining order. What Obama leaves behind after eight years is a loss of 10 senators, 14 governors, the loss of 31 state houses and 63 House seats. The Democrats are at the lowest in the House than they’ve been since the 1920’s. If you look at a map of the U.S., there are about 5,000 counties of which Hillary Clinton won 300. If you draw a map of the country, who went where, it is red from sea to shining sea with these little concentrated, heavily-populated pockets of Democrats. So this is real trouble and the problem is, because of the decimation of the party, they have no bench. When you talk about the vice president being the face of the party now, that tells you how decimated the party is.

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