Pa. Cousins' Crimes Escalated To 4 Grisly Murders

Pa. Cousins’ Crimes Escalated To 4 Grisly Murders

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Two cousins charged in a gruesome crime spree that ended with police unearthing the bodies of four young men buried on a family farm started off committing small crimes. But authorities don’t know why the 20-year-old suspects escalated from offenses like break-ins and jewelry heists to allegedly killing their victims and burying them in two pits so deep beneath the ground that a backhoe and dozens of people were needed to sift through the dirt. Police found the missing men after a grueling, five-day search in sweltering heat and pelting rain.–Missing%20Men-Motives/id-3d79bf0dbe274687bed37b4a91c50404


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