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Panelist Arguing Clinton Still Has An Uplifting Postitive Campaign

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews shut down a panelist on Monday who tried to argue that Hillary Clinton is still running a “positive” and “uplifting” campaign, cutting him off to show her most recent ad.
“Watch this ad and tell me if she’s still running a positive, uplifting campaign,” he said.
Liberal columnist Jonathan Capehart described how he watches Clinton’s campaign rallies and argued that she does have a positive campaign, but that it’s simply “drowned out.”
“I’m the nerd sitting at my desk watching these campaign rallies, and she does have a hopeful message,” he said. “The problem is, it’s being drowned out by, like that—”
He was cut off by fellow panelist Howard Fineman and Matthews.
Matthews immediately cited the newest ad, which uses parts of the original famous ad from Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 presidential campaign.
The original ad shows a little girl picking petals off of a flower and counting. Then, the little girl’s voice is followed by a countdown and a nuclear explosion.
“The Clinton campaign released a new TV ad today, using the original daisy girl, that young girl, from that 1964 Lyndon Johnson campaign ad,” Matthews said.
He then played the ad.
“Okay, that was uplifting campaign of Hillary Clinton,” Matthews joked as he and the other panelists laughed.
After the ad was played, Capeheart did agree that the ad was not positive, but argued that he believes the campaign has to do “both things at once.”
“Right, right, but also, that ad, it sort of like cancels out what I said before, but I would argue back, that you’ve got to do both things at once,” Capehart said.

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