Pelosi Challenger: Dems Failed Because We Didn't Focus On Economy

Pelosi Challenger: Dems Failed Because We Didn’t Focus On Economy

Ohio Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan told Chris Wallace that the Democrat caucus’ failure in this past election is due to the fact that their legislators have not concentrated enough on economic issues. Ryan, 43, who is challenging Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for her House Minority Leader position, said “a robust economic message that covers everybody” is the best prescription for Democrats’ success in the future. He also said the Democrats cannot survive as a coastal party–as many of their members hail from blue states bordering both oceans. “They know that if they don’t get the middle of the country, they’re never going to be back in the majority again,” he said. Pelosi, 76, has said the Democrats’ issue in how they communicate their message, a contention with which Ryan disagrees.

Fox News Sunday

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