Round Two Looms In Cosby Case

Round Two Looms In Cosby Case

Bill Cosby’s legal team might feel triumphant now, but Legal experts believe prosecutors will reshape their case for Round Two. District Attorney Kevin Steele could ask the judge to let more of Cosby’s 60 accusers testify. He may also disclose to jurors that accuser Andrea Constand is gay. This fact never came up in her seven hours of testimony. Constand’s lawyer, Dolores Troiani, stated, “The key to retrying a case is to do it differently the second time, because the defense expects you to do it the same way.” Constand is on board for the retrial. And on Sunday, District Attorney Kevin Steele denied a report that Cosby was ever offered a plea deal.–Bill%20Cosby/id-74520e3bb9b94d13b9015a2583389503


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