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Sen. Richard Blumenthal Argues “Treason” Because Russia Committed An “Act Of War” Against The U.S.

Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal has decided that treason is a possibility in the Donald Trump Jr. saga because an act of war was committed by Russia. Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT) argues that “treason” is in the cards because Russia committed an “act of war” against the U.S. — If Sen. Blumenthal has ever read Article III of the Constitution, he would know how narrowly-defined treason is in our country. As noted by many Constitutional experts, the accusations against Trump Jr. do not indicate that war has been levied by him against the U.S., nor has he adhered to an enemy during a time of war with that nation. — That’s not how treason works… Hey Connecticut. Can you try to elect lawmakers who understand the constitution. Thanks.

The Stupid, It Burns. Treason was narrowly defined in The Constitution to keep it from being wielded against political opponents. Oh, and we don’t even need to mention the DEEP irony of Sen. Blumenthal, of all people, questioning the claims of others, given his “war record.” — Maybe we should take the word of this decorated Vietnam War veteran… oh wait. Maybe he can make up for years of lying about serving in Vietnam by flying the first bombing run over Moscow? — Not only are Sen. Blumenthal’s comments lacking in foundation, they seem to be very irresponsible and even dangerous. Surely the Senator from Connecticut isn’t suggesting we go to war with Russia? Democrats are actively trying to start World War III.

Connecticut to declare war on Russia — the rest of us, not so much. This guy continues to get elected … how?

Twitchy: NOT how it works: Has ‘treason’ screaming Sen. Blumenthal ever actually read the Constitution?

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