Sharpton Freaks Out, Screams Trump’s ‘KKK’ After President ‘Kicks His Butt’ In Oval Office

Sharpton Freaks Out, Screams Trump’s ‘KKK’ After President ‘Kicks His Butt’ In Oval Office

Sharpton Freaks Out, Screams Trump’s ‘KKK’ After President ‘Kicks His Butt’ In Oval Office
Al Sharpton’s a race-baiter. It’s how he makes his living. Since getting the boot from MSNBC in 2015, the scandal-laden “reverend” has been trying to get back in the limelight, secretly hoping President Donald Trump could help him out. Sharpton has known the president for years, and he knows that Trump is not a racist, but that didn’t stop Sharpton from freaking out and screaming, “Trump’s KKK,” after the president “kicked his butt” in the Oval Office.
The Democrats are in panic mode. Something is happening, and it is causing hardcore leftists like Rev. Al Sharpton to have nervous breakdowns. It’s the big secret the mainstream media doesn’t want you to know, and it is exactly why Sharpton’s livelihood is in jeopardy.

Rev. Al Sharpton is a race-baiter who makes his living by provoking useful idiots like those within the Black Lives Matter movement and constructing a false narrative that there is rampant racism going on in America. With their lies about the police targeting African-Americans and the lies that somehow people of color remain underprivileged in America, Sharpton rides that hate and turns it into cash.

But, now, a bombshell has been dropped on Sharpton and every other race-baiter out there. “Among black men, Trump’s “2017 average approval rating significantly exceeds his 2016 vote share,” admitted a January 11 article in The Atlantic by author Ronald Brownstein. According to Breitbart, currently “23 percent of black men approved of Trump’s performance versus 11 percent of black women.”
What? Yeah, you read that right. In fact, Trump has doubled his approval rating with black men, and here is why it means Armageddon for Sharpton: If Trump can sway 10% of the African-American vote, the Democrats have no chance of winning in 2020, and the mid-term elections will be a blow out for GOP candidates backed by the president.

Now, the Democrats will never admit this, and this is exactly why they have put Sharpton back into play, to demonize Trump. All of a sudden, Sharpton turns up on MLK Day inside Reagan International Airport, and just by chance, TMZ is there, ready to video the ole Reverend. Come on, where’s Sharpton been for the last year? No one has seen this guy for a while, but all of a sudden, he is back in Washington, D.C., on MLK Day, and met by one lone guy from TMZ, nonetheless.

In TMZ’s report on Al, they write, “Rev. Al Sharpton says President Trump is doing a horrible job of hiding who he really is … a straight-up racist. We got the Rev. at Reagan National Airport, and asked if he thought Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have had a sit-down with 45, given Trump’s controversial track record on racial issues during his presidency. Sharpton insists Trump’s big on using photo ops to make it APPEAR like he’s interested in the African-American community, and he’s certain MLK would have seen right through that.”

The report explains that Sharpton went on to say, “He [Trump] doesn’t need to wear a white hood to know he’s KKK.” That’s rich coming from the number one race-baiter in America today. It looks like the Rev. Al is really scared of Trump, and he should be.Loser Sharpton added that Trump called him and wanted to meet with him in the Oval Office. That part might have been true right after Trump won the election since Trump and Sharpton were on good terms for years. In fact, Sharpton would not call Trump a racist when he was running for the presidency. Al knows the president, so isn’t it convenient that all of a sudden the Rev. Al is throwing Trump under the bus, and of all things as a racist?

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