Sometimes It's Doctors Themselves Who Shame Patients With Mental Illnesses

Sometimes It’s Doctors Themselves Who Shame Patients With Mental Illnesses

Research suggests that stigma is actually one of the main reasons people don’t take medication for mental illness. Shockingly, sometimes the idea that taking medication for mental health issues is harmful can come straight from medical professionals. For example, Kelly Brogan, M.D. tweeted, “Saying no to pharmaceuticals is an act of feminism. Every time you open that pill bottle, you are saying ‘nope, you don’t got this’ to your body, and instilling a message of oppression by a system that says feeling anything is dangerous.” But according to psychologist Juli Fraga, using medication to treat clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or any other mental health issue is no less valid than using medication to treat a heart condition, chronic migraines, or anything else. In fact, sending the message to people who need medication to function that they are somehow weaker for it is not only false, it’s straight-up endangerment. Fraga told Allure Magazine, “This is a dangerous way to think — we don’t tell diabetics to meditate and imagine that their blood sugars are going down, nor would we ever suggest that not taking insulin could cure them.”


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