Stay Classy: New York Magazine's Gabe Sherman Calls Roger Ailes A 'Terrorizing Figure'

Stay Classy: New York Magazine’s Gabe Sherman Calls Roger Ailes A ‘Terrorizing Figure’

Calling in to Thursday’s NBC Today during a special report of the death of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, New York magazine’s Gabe Sherman bid the media executive good riddance as he launched into an incendiary rant calling Ailes a “terrorizing figure” who’s “quest for power consumed him.” Earlier in the breaking news segment, co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer rightfully pointed out the controversy surrounding Ailes’ firing from Fox News over sexual harassment allegations. Guthrie noted: “So a legendary figure in media and politics, and more recently embroiled in this sexual harassment controversy.” Lauer added that he “revolutionized the way news was covered on cable television,” but recently was “probably a name that most people read in the headlines associated with that sexual harassment scandal.”

NewsBusters: Stay Classy: Gabe Sherman Calls Ailes a ‘Terrorizing Figure’

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