'The View' Crew Denies, Then Justifies Lefty Violence: 'It's A Response You're Going To Get'

‘The View’ Crew Denies, Then Justifies Lefty Violence: ‘It’s A Response You’re Going To Get’

Friday morning’s The View started off with the mostly liberal panel having a meltdown over the announcement of Trump choosing retired General Michael Flynn and Alabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions for White House positions. Whoopi Goldberg complained that Sessions and the right wanted to bring back slavery and to deport Muslim Americans. Sunny Hostin then claimed that violence was only coming from the right, while Whoopi and Behar conceded there was violence from the left but it was deserved and provoked. “People better not sit back and just take it,” Behar lamented. “They [Republicans] started it,” she stated before justifying the violence as “[A] response you’re going to get.”

NewsBusters: The View Denies, Then Justifies Violence From the Left; ‘It’s a Response You’re Going to Get’

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