Today Hosts Eager To Launch Presidential Campaign Of Trump's 'Top Agitator' Elizabeth Warren

Today Hosts Eager To Launch Presidential Campaign Of Trump’s ‘Top Agitator’ Elizabeth Warren

On Tuesday, the hosts of NBC’s Today were thrilled to have an exclusive live interview with Donald Trump’s “top agitator” and left-wing bomb thrower Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. In addition to inviting her to blast the President over his tax returns and praising her “fight” for “the middle class, the person who doesn’t seem to catch a break,” Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie made it clear they were ready for the Democrat to run for president. Teasing the upcoming softball interview at the top of the show, Guthrie portrayed Warren as liberal champion: “Taxes Due? The White House standing firm on the President not releasing his tax returns despite earlier promises he would. As critics around the country turn up the heat…. Will the White House be forced to give in? The President’s top agitator, Senator Elizabeth Warren, here exclusively.”

NewsBusters: Today Hosts Eager to Launch Presidential Campaign of Trump’s ‘Top Agitator’ Warren

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