TRUMP UH OH! Trump Abruptly Walks Out of Meeting With…

TRUMP UH OH! Trump Abruptly Walks Out of Meeting With…

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TRUMP UH OH! Trump Abruptly Walks Out of Meeting With…

Judge Jeanine Pirro is probably the host of the most favorite presidential show on Fox News.

Pirro is President Donald Trump’s favorite news media character.

However, things changed during an interview on November 1.

Reportedly, Trump got angered because Pirro non-stoppingly spoke and bashed him against Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey of employing tactics typically reserved for Mafia cases.

The interview that was active for around one hour, was supposed to be revolving around Hillary Clinton. Among the people that were attending were Chief of Staff John Kelly, Donald F. McGahn III, and the White House counsel.

They were trying to reveal how Hillary Clinton managed to get a deal with Russia while she was secretary of state. With this deal, she gave control to the Russian officials to use the uranium from America. Lately, this is one of the main issues that worry the conservatives.
Instead of staying on topic, Judge Pirro pushed against Trump regarding Robert Mueller and James Comey. Trump got angered by her consistency for things that were not important at the moment. After all, he didn’t attend the meeting to speak about that, but instead, Hillary Clinton.

Furthermore, Trump got so angered that he had to leave the meeting.

For many conservatives, Hillary is the main problem that needs to be resolved. It is strange that Pirro would avoid that subject and press Trump. However, Trump won’t put up with that kind of behavior. He knows where to focus and he will do exactly that.

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