Trump's Inauguration Was Primarily Funded By Big Business

Trump’s Inauguration Was Primarily Funded By Big Business

According to a U.S. government filing released on Wednesday, large U.S. companies and their executives helped President Donald Trump raise a record-setting $106.7 million for inauguration festivities in January.
Government records showed that that tally more than doubled the prior 2009 record of $53.2 million for President Barack Obama’s first inauguration. It had topped the previous 2005 record of $42.3 million for President George W. Bush.
The biggest donor by far to Trump’s inauguration was casino magnate and founder of Las Vegas Sands Corp Sheldon Adelson. According to the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee’s filing with the Federal Election Commission, he gave $5 million.
Many of the companies that donated to Trump, a Republican, have significant matters pending before the U.S. government. They have also been invited to White House events.
Many of the companies which made donations to the 2017 event also donated to Obama’s prior inauguration.


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