Tucker: The Left On Campus Is A 'Snake Eating Its Own Tail'

Tucker: The Left On Campus Is A ‘Snake Eating Its Own Tail’

Tucker Carlson offered an update to the incidents on the far-left campus of Evergreen State College in Washington state. The situation began when a professor refused to leave campus after students demanded a “day of absence” for white people. The professor, Bret Weinstein, is a progressive Democrat being attacked by his own ideological brethren, according to Carlson. Carlson played a clip of a white student speaking out that she is being silenced because she is white, while a professor insists the campus is not extreme enough. “We’ve reached the stage in the revolution where it’s starting to consume itself – the snake is eating its own tail,” Carlson said. “If you’re taught that speech is violence then you will resort to violence to suppress speech you don’t like,” The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson added.

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