Wider Use Of Low-Dose Aspirin Could Save U.S. $692 Billion – The Liberty Eagle

Wider Use Of Low-Dose Aspirin Could Save U.S. $692 Billion

A new study suggests that taking a low-dose of aspirin daily can lead to significant savings in healthcare spending by reducing older Americans’ risk of heart disease and cancer. University of Southern California researchers used national data to assess long-term benefits of daily aspirin usage. Researchers found in Americans ages 51 to 79 that taking a daily low-dose of aspirin would prevent 11 cases of heart disease and four cases of cancer for every 1,000 persons. Study lead author Dr. David Agus”Although the health benefits of aspirin are well-established, few people take it”. However the study also found that gastrointestinal bleeding would increase 25 percent from the current rate.


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