Witness Just Came Out Against Robert Mueller

Witness Just Came Out Against Robert Mueller

Despite what the media tells you, Robert Mueller is on track to not have as much of a record as most American would believe. Boston-based lawyer Harvey Silvergate penned an article for WGBH this week and talked about how Mueller, acting as United States Attorney at the time, tried to entrap him on fake drug charges.

Uh. Oh. Is Robert Mueller a dirty cop? See below.

According to WGBH and Former Assistant US Attorney Sidney Powell, as acting United States Attorney in Boston, Mueller is guilty of “prosecutorial improprieties.”

From WGBH:

“When Mueller was the acting United States Attorney in Boston, I was defense counsel in a federal criminal case in which a rather odd fellow contacted me to tell me that he had information that could assist my client. He asked to see me, and I agreed to meet. He walked into my office wearing a striking, flowing white gauze-like shirt and sat down across from me at the conference table. He was prepared, he said, to give me an affidavit to the effect that certain real estate owned by my client was purchased with lawful currency rather than, as Mueller’s office was claiming, the proceeds of illegal drug activities.”

“My secretary typed up the affidavit that the witness was going to sign. Just as he picked up the pen, he looked at me and said something like: “You know, all of this is actually false, but your client is an old friend of mine and I want to help him.” As I threw the putative witness out of my office, I noticed, under the flowing white shirt, a lump on his back – he was obviously wired and recording every word between us.”

Powell said that people like Mueller “convict people for sport” and that they will make sure that “whatever needs to be done to get that conviction.” We need to stop this Mueller investigation right now.

If Mueller is the person that Powell says he is, then this is horrible. It’s double horrible when you think that Robert Mueller was the head of the FBI from Sept. 2001 to Sept. 2013 and operate until James Comey took over in 2013. Robert Mueller has his hands all over the Clinton-Uranium One scandal that is heating up.

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